There's No Reason to Go Through a Divorce Alone

Team up with a skilled divorce attorney in Sandusky, OH

Ending a relationship is always stressful. Even if you and your spouse agree to have a friendly and cooperative divorce, things can become heated quickly once children and assets are involved. Make sure you hire an experienced divorce attorney to help protect your rights through this difficult time.

At Law Offices of Amy M. Logan, you can arrange for divorce legal services for any step of the process. From the initial paperwork and filing to hearings and potential appeals, we'll be with you to help you fight for your interests and a favorable outcome to your divorce. Make an appointment with our divorce attorney in Sandusky, OH today.

We'll fight for your rights

We'll fight for your rights

We provide divorce legal services for all aspects of divorce. You can rely on our experienced attorney to help with...

  • Arguing for a fair distribution of all marital assets
  • Setting up child support and alimony arrangements
  • Protecting your rights as a parent to custody of your children

We'll help the divorce process go as smoothly as possible so you can focus on taking the next step in your life. Contact us today to hire an experienced divorce attorney.